"We Finish What You Begin"









"We finish what you begin"


" No job is too small and no job is too big "

Why is metal finishing important to my product or project?
Without metal finishing, products made from metals would last a fraction of their present life span because of corrosion and wear.  Finishing is also used to enhance electrical properties, to form and shape components, and to enhance the bonding of adhesive or organic coatings.  Sometimes the finishes are used to meet customer demand for a decorative appearance.

What is polishing?
The removal of tool and die marks, parting lines, pits, scratches and other imperfections to acquire a smooth and uniform surface.  Performed by abrasive belts incorporated by different grit sizes to achieve a desired finish.

What is buffing?
The production of a uniformed high luster surface by means of a high speed flexible buff wheel.   The high speed wheel melts and distributes evenly over the polished surface.  Imperfections are removed and blended in the metal surface producing a mirror finish.  Maintaining a high luster finish requires the operation of "color buffing".

What is Buffex's turn around time?
Depending on the situation, normal lead times in metal finishing are 7-10 business days.  Quicker turn around time is available and serviced at all times throughout the year.  Terms are negotiable.

What metals does Buffex specialize in?
We have the capabilities to finish all metals from A - Z along with the experience of over 20 years.  Our primary metal is stainless steel.  We have fresh new ways of bringing out the best possible cosmetic finish to what you are looking for.  We are not happy unless you are completely satisfied with your item or project.