"We Finish What You Begin"









"We finish what you begin"

About Us

" No job is too small and no job is too big "


     Buffex Metal Finishing was established in the early 1980's by Luis Quintana.  Today, Buffex is still family owned and operated by his sons, Joe and Timo Quintana.  We have nearly 100 years of combined experience in the metal finishing industry.  This includes decisive experience in ALL facets of Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel and Zinc die cast metals.

     Buffex has worked with numerous service companies, such as platers and power coaters, over the years in the metal finishing industry.  We have worked hard on gaining respect and forming a quality relationship with all customers, vendors and competitors.  This relationship will enable Buffex to meet our customers demands on the precise metal finish they are looking for.

     The majority of our customers enjoy the elimination of travel time with their job specs.  We supply the footwork in reaching your finishing demands.  We save you money on freight costs and on time delivery requests.


Our mission is to make our customers satisfied through our quality of work, on time delivery and our determined goal of excellent price negotiations.  We will give you the best possible price for the quality that you are looking for.  Why spend two hours on the metal when only one hour is needed?  Not only will we save you money, but we guarantee our work.  All of our samples and quotes are FREE!

     We take your small custom job or your long production run job very seriously, as if it was our own personal item.  For nearly 30 years, we have turned customized personal antique items, car and motorcycle accessories into brand new breathless quality mirror and satin brush finishes.


     "The quality and service that Buffex has provided is second to none!  Buffex has always done a tremendous job.  This is continually reinforced by CORSA's customers who give positive comments about the finish on our products".
     - Tommy Browning, V.P. Corsa Performance

     "Our K-9 cars look fabulous.  Our dogs are always scratching and tracking mud inside our patrol cars destroying the nice satin finish we try to keep.  Buffex solved our problem and kept us informed on how to maintain it".
     - Officer Larkin, North Ridgeville Police Department